12:00am - 1:00am

Rago Radio

DJ and rapper Rago Foot navigates the cultural landscape of today’s music scenes by carefully weaving samples from past, present and future genres. [Repeated Saturday 11pm.]

1:00am - 2:30am


[Repeated from Tuesday 10.30pm.] Paul and Lewis from the influential Artrocker magazine previews all the latest releases from London and the UK's thriving indie rock scene and beyond. To listen to past shows visit Paul's Mixcloud page.

2:30am - 3:30am

Black 2 Comm

[Repeated from Sunday 8pm.] A genre free music show produced and presented by Paul Jackson. Each track connects to the following in a running order that switches between musical styles, dates and audio quality – often leading to strange and unlikely musical pairings. Visit black2comm.com for more information.

3:30am - 4:00am

Arty Facts

[Repeated from Sunday 1.30pm.] Master J in a live debate about all the biggest arts news this week. Today: Master J is joined by magician Reuel Singh (who has made guest appearances on television shows worldwide, and regularly performs for celebrities and royalty), actor Freddie Hogan (he's been in Emmerdale, Coronation Street, Harry Potter Films, and had one of the lead roles in the BBC sitcom 'Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps'), actor/model Kaily O’Brien (whose first film was nominated for an Oscar), and film and Netflix screen writer James Ruzika. There may be humour, hopefully there will be fun, and if we are lucky tears too. For more information visit Master J on Facebook

4:00am - 5:00am

Definitely Dylan

[Repeated from Sunday 4pm.] Taking Tom Waits' description to heart - “Dylan is a planet to be explored” - Laura Tenschert presents a series dedicated to the planet that is Bob Dylan and his musical and cultural orbit. For more information visit www.definitelydylan.com

5:00am - 6:00am


[Repeated from Sunday 7pm.] Cultural sonic detours with artist Simon Tyszko. Visit theculture.net/ for more information. 

6:00am - 6:45am

Sound Out

[Repeated from Tuesday 3pm.] Carole Finer presents a range of live music guests, ranging from the English modernist avant-garde to bluegrass and sometimes field recordings from her travels round the world. This week: Carole plays a selection of music and poetry performed by her wonderful guests on Sound Out during 2019.

6:45am - 7:00am

Drift Shift

[Repeated from Tuesday 3.45pm.] Found sound and found text collected to form drifts that shift, produced and presented by Franziska Lantz. Visit driftshift.blogspot.com from more information. 

7:00am - 7:30am

Records Comic, Curious And Cracked

[Repeated from Tuesday 5.30pm.] An eco-neutral trawl through the unusual records acquired by various means, including even purchase, during an otherwise mostly virtuous lifetime by Jack Thorington.

7:30am - 8:00am

Dig That Treasure

[Repeated from Tuesday 7.30pm.] Will Hall presents 30 minutes of forgotten, underrated and underappreciated pop and folk music from across the world. International scenes are at home alongside outsider musics, demos and covers, film and game soundtracks, and long-lost rarities in this decentred selection. Follow @digthattreasure on Instagram.

8:00am - 9:00am

The Organ presents The Other Rock Show

[Repeated from Sunday 9pm.] Marina Anthony presents rhythmically other, entertaining, perplexing and unashamedly progressive sounds, playing music that uses unusual time signatures, song structures and dynamics - sounds that break out of Western music's peculiar obsession with 4/4. Visit otherrockshow.wordpress.com for more information. 

9:00am - 10:00am

The Naked Short Club

[Repeated from Monday 9pm.] New series! Dr. Stu and his expert guests dance around hedge funds, markets, the economy and wider world with psychedelic sounds and poetry. This week’s guests: Stephen Pope, CEO of Spotlight Ideas and Associate Professor at the University of Maryland; Dave Shastri, Chief Strategist of portfolio management systems provider, Truss Edge; Eleonor Duhs, Director of City of London lawyers, Field Fisher’s privacy and information last practice; Stephane Carty, Founding Partner of hedge fund managers, Blackheath Capital; and by Tantric videolink from the US, Ben Hunt, Chief Investment Officer of institutional investment consultants, Second Foundation Partners.

10:00am - 11:00am

Literary South

[Repeated from Wednesday 8pm.] A monthly show about the Latin American and Spanish literary world, presented by Silvia Röthlisberger. This month, Silvia talks to Mexican author Paloma Zoy about her debut novel Redención, and to literary critic and poet Juan Toledo. Visit literarysouth.org for more information.

11:00am - 12:00pm

Radio K.A.O.S.

Comedians Matthew Highton and Joz Norris alternate their famous brand of silly chat and exciting guests with tracks from the Roger Waters album Radio K.A.O.S. [Repeated Saturday 5am.]

12:00pm - 1:00pm

The London EarHighlight

Ghostwriter and critic Ben Thompson presents a DFS Algonquin Table for the post-thought era. This week: author Alex Niven lays bare the musical foundations of his acclaimed regionalist manifesto New Model Island. For further information visit @btfoshizzle on Twitter and find playlists at Ben Thompson's Facebook page. [Repeated Tuesday 7am.]

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Talking AfricaHighlight

A magazine show covering African development issues hosted by Sonny Decker. This week: Hala Alkarib, founder of the SIHA Network (an initiative for women in the Horn of Africa) talks to Sonny about her project, and Sudan after former dictator Omar al-Bashir. See mixcloud.com/talkingafrica for more Talking Africa shows. [Repeated Tuesday 9am.]

2:00pm - 3:00pm

The Traditional Music Hour

Reg Hall and Kevin Sheils (on alternate weeks) present an informed and judicious selection of recordings of traditional musics from Britain, Ireland and occasionally further afield. [Repeated Monday 12pm.]

3:00pm - 3:30pm


[Repeated from Tuesday 5pm.] Chiara Ambrosio conducts conversations about how marginalised and underrepresented artists and the city interact and shape each other and how the socio-political shifts in London affect art. This month: A conversation with artist Eleanor Crook. Santa Medicina, written and narrated by Chiara Ambrosio. Kiss of the Knife (Santa Medicina), composed and performed by Bird Radio with taiko by Aki Fujimoto (Zashiki Warashi Taiko and Flute duo). For more information visit raftalondonstory.com.

3:30pm - 4:00pm

Art Then And Now

A discussion of art from the past and the present with Anna Gammans. This week: What Do You Think About Art? Anna asks the general public what they think about art out on the streets of London before following up with her 'Top 10' artworks to go and see at the National Gallery. To view any images discussed or to get in touch visit facebook.com/theartthenandnowshow. [Repeated Monday 2.30pm.]

4:00pm - 4:30pm

K-Pop Journey

[Repeated from Tuesday 10.30pm.] A weekly show dedicated to the phenomenon that is K-pop! Korean presenter Keissi takes you on a journey through different times in a context of K-pop - Korean pop music for those not up to speed - from the 1990s to the present day. For more information visit K-Pop Journey on Facebook.

4:30pm - 5:30pm

The Sound Of Photography

Frank Watson examines the relationship between photography and sound. Frank’s guest this week is Brian Griffin, described as the “the most unpredictable and influential British portrait photographer of the last decade” by the British Journal of Photography in 2005, and “one of Britain’s most influential photographers” by the World Photography Organisation in 2015. Brian Griffin has been a freelance photographer, filmmaker and TV commercials and music video film director since 1972. He will be talking about his work and influences. First broadcast 24 January 2019. For info visit http://frankwatsonphotography.com. [Repeated Friday 7am.]

5:30pm - 6:00pm

Pull the Plug

Promos and new releases spun and sometimes speared by Johnny Seven. Send your new and/or unreleased to Pull the Plug, Resonance FM, 144 Borough High Street London SE1 1LB, or email an mp3 to pulltheplugseven@gmail.com. [Repeated Saturday 11am.]

6:00pm - 6:30pm

Hooting Yard On The Air

Live, out of leftfield fiction with Resonance's prodigious author-in-residence Frank Key. Visit hootingyard.org for more information. [Repeated Saturday 11.30am.]

6:30pm - 7:30pm

The Outerglobe

Debbie Golt takes African music and wider arts and culture as her starting point. This week Debbie talks to MC Benny Acholi Muding of North Uganda Hiphop Culture – artist, creative entrepreneur, motivational speaker, community facilitator and farmer – to see how NUHC's Hiphop-Agribusiness makes a difference. Visit outerglobe.co.uk for more information. Tweet to @outerglobe. [Repeated Tuesday 8am.]

7:30pm - 8:00pm

Hot Club du Monde

A Baedeker tour of international musical curiosities from the 78rpm era with Oliver Carter-Wakefield. [Repeated Tuesday 11.30am.]

8:00pm - 9:00pm

Clear SpotHighlight

Longtime Listeners List. A variation on a book club, research sharing and archiving community. Presented by Sarah LJ and Lili WC with Olivia Wiles on the line from New Zealand. Today we delve into list entries for an exploration of monthly intrigue across hemispheres and invite listeners to compile and share their own lists. Visit http://longtimelisteners.hotglue.me. [Repeated Friday 10am.]

9:00pm - 10:30pm

Adventures in Sound and Music

New music with The Wire magazine. Visit thewire.co.uk for more information. Contact theconduit@thewire.co.uk. [Repeated Sunday 1am.]

10:30pm - 11:00pm


New music from the SHAPE platform. This month, we introduce the new SHAPE roster with a diverse array of artists ranging from club/post/club to performance, conceptual work and beyond, including Afrodeutsche, xin, Yann Gourdon, VTSS, Frédéric Gies, upsammy and Lawrence Lek. SHAPE is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. [Repeated Wednesday 3.30am.]

11:00pm - 12:00am

Grime for the Unconverted

Presented and mixed by DJ BPM and Sharon-Rose (on alternate weeks), showcasing Grime classics, unreleased promos and new releases. This week: Sharon-Rose premieres her new instrumental “War Riddim” and features new music from Rude Kid, Doni Rampage, Tomboysexy, Tia Carys, Joe Fire and Joe Grind. Charisma closes the show with a powerful guest mix. Listen to archive shows on Mixcloud. Twitter: @sharonrose__. [Repeated Sunday 12am.]

12:00am - 1:00am

Club Integral Radio Show

[Repeated from Wednesday 9.30pm.] The Earl of Killorglin and Andrew Scott-Bolton of Club Integral - London's long-running "home to the uncategorisable" - preview its upcoming concerts in London.