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  • A Colder Consciousness
  • A Duck in a Tree
  • A Grassy Noël
  • A World In London
  • A World In London New Year's Special
  • Adventures in Sound and Music
  • Around The World With The Lallas
  • Art Monthly Talk Show
  • Art Of Change
  • Art Then And Now
  • Artrocker
  • Arty Facts
  • Arty Facts Christmas Special 1
  • Arty Facts Christmas Special 2
  • Bad Punk
  • Bad Punk Christmas
  • Balling the Jack
  • Bears At A Picnic
  • Bzou
  • Calling All Pensioners
  • Christmas Carole
  • Clear Spot
  • Club Integral Radio Show
  • Definitely Dylan
  • Devil's Dancers
  • Diary Of Squat
  • Dig That Treasure
  • Dig This Time
  • Down the Rabbit Hole
  • Drift Shift
  • Drift Shift Christmas Special
  • Drones Of Hell
  • East Cast
  • Exceptional Voices
  • Failands
  • Farside Radio
  • Fog Cast
  • framework
  • From The Hood
  • Future Renaissance
  • Gate Kicks
  • Goldsmiths Radio End Of Year Showcase 2020
  • Grime for the Unconverted
  • Gwaith Sŵn's Sonic Darts
  • Hackney Social Radio
  • Hellworld Half Hour
  • Henry Scott-Irvine Presents
  • Ho Ho Hoenn Sound Christmas Special 2020
  • Hoenn Sound
  • Hot Club du Monde
  • How To Write A Song
  • Into The Moss
  • Into The Moss Christmas Special
  • Intoxica Radio Hour
  • Ireland's Eye
  • Is Black Music
  • Is Black Music Christmas Special
  • Isolation Vacation
  • Isotopica
  • JazznewbloodTAPES
  • John Dredge's Nothing To Do With Anything Show
  • Judy Dyble RIP
  • K-Pop Journey
  • Kitchen Magic Time
  • Late Lunch with Out to Lunch
  • Links, Links, Links: Wintermärchen For The Holidays
  • Listen. Let's Talk
  • Listening Across Disciplines
  • Literary London
  • Literary South
  • Little Atoms
  • Make Your Own Damn Music
  • Me & My Rhythm Box
  • Meet Me On The Radio
  • Micro Clear Spot
  • Modulisme
  • More Womxn
  • Music From Indie Cork 2020
  • Near Mint's A Cool Cat's Christmas
  • New Works For Radio
  • Nostalgie Ya Mboka
  • Novara FM
  • Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer
  • Oto Radio
  • Our Journey
  • Out in South London
  • Palimpsest
  • Panel Borders
  • Panel Borders Comics Research Special
  • PassWord
  • Patches Of Land
  • Polifony
  • Previously On Resonance FM
  • Pull the Plug
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  • Radio Ecoshock
  • Radio Is A Foreign Country
  • Radio Sketches
  • Raft
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  • Sample Stories
  • Shoot The Breeze
  • Sir Alan Parker RIP
  • Sitting With Gianluca
  • Sleeping Dogs Lie
  • Smashing Records
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  • Sonic Imperfections
  • Southern Whirled Service
  • Southwark COVID - A Housing Response
  • Speakers' Corner
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  • Steep Incline
  • Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
  • Strange Morals
  • Studio Visit
  • Synaptic Island
  • Talking Africa
  • The Artangel Longplayer Assembly
  • The Bike Show
  • The Curtain Up Show
  • The Diaries Of Xentos Fray Bentos
  • The Great Get Together Tour Of Bankside
  • The Hello Goodbye Show
  • The Langham Research Centre Show
  • The London Ear
  • The Naked Short Club
  • The News Agents
  • The Open Arms
  • The Organ presents The Other Rock Show
  • The OST Show
  • The Outerglobe
  • The Outerglobe Festive Mix
  • The Restart Project
  • The Rob Simone Talk Show
  • The Self Road
  • The Sound Projector Radio Show
  • The Sound Sanctuary
  • The Sounds Of DMWSound
  • The Sounds Of DMWSOUND
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  • The Workplace
  • The Wrong Show
  • Tim Smith RIP
  • Toots Hibbert Tribute
  • Trail Mix[Ed]
  • Transmitter
  • Turtle Island
  • Vaughan Oliver RIP
  • Vegetarianism The Story So Far
  • Victor Nubla RIP
  • Voixxe
  • Wavelength
  • Work Of Art
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Club Integral Radio Show

Next episode: 21:30, Wednesday 20th January 2021

Robert Storey and Andrew Scott Bolton preview upcoming Club Integral events around London, and explore music across all genre boundaries.

2k Ok

[Repeated from Saturday 8.30pm.] A project born in London, now based in Glasgow. A weave of melancholic techno, peculiar-pop, alternative soundscapes, and beyond. Assembled by Outgoing Person & Si-Ro.

A Colder Consciousness

Next episode: 06:00, Sunday 17th January 2021

Flora Pitrolo plays records and tapes from the dark synth underground (early 80s to the present) the last Tuesday of each month. ACC also broadcasts on Skopje’s Kanal 103 every last Sunday of the month 9pm to 11pm.

A Duck in a Tree

Next episode: 05:00, Tuesday 19th January 2021

:zoviet*france: presents the best zero BPM and genre-refusing recordings to have grabbed their attention.

A Grassy Noël

Next episode: 22:30, Tuesday 22nd December 2020

This Christmas holiday we eagerly take the opportunity of broadcasting a retrospective of the radio plays of Noel Macken, who for the last 15 years has quietly but assidiously been developing a unique body of work for the medium. Tonight: Alicia In The City Of Night. A radio play written by Noel Macken. Alicia In The City Of Night is a piece of tragi-comedy, time-travelling surrealism that is situated somewhere between a very estranged Alice In Wonderland and Dante’s Inferno. Dedicated to the history, characters, authors and rivers of Londinium. Performed by Noel Grassy Macken, edited by Mark Rathmell, music, ambient sounds and produced by Giles Hearn.

A World In London

Next episode: 08:00, Monday 18th January 2021

DJ Ritu presents the UK’s definitive weekly live global music show.

A World In London New Year's Special

Next episode: 14:00, Friday 1st January 2021

[Repeats Thursday 7pm.]

Adventures in Sound and Music

Next episode: 01:00, Sunday 17th January 2021

New music with The Wire magazine.

Around The World With The Lallas

Next episode: 17:00, Sunday 17th January 2021

Laura Pradelska and Lara Fraser share their international cultural interests, stemming from their respective careers as actor and producer as well as their joint DJ career as The Lallas.

Art Monthly Talk Show

An audio supplement to Art Monthly magazine, broadcast on the second Monday of each month.

Art Of Change

[Repeated from Friday 3.30pm.] Curators Florence Devereux and Clementine Butler-Gallie explore how art practice can offer new perspectives on facing the unknown. This week: Glasgow-based performance artist Tamara MacArthur takes us on an intimate journey through her practice, that will engulf you in 'Water'. Sentimentality, vulnerability, and oceanic emotions are played on the waves of her work. Visit

Art Then And Now

A discussion of art from the past and the present with Anna Gammans.


Next episode: 01:00, Thursday 14th January 2021

The latest releases from the UK's thriving indie rock scene and beyond, presented by Paul Cox of Artrocker magazine.

Arty Facts

A behind the scenes chat about the realities of working in the arts presented by Master J.

Arty Facts Christmas Special 1

Next episode: 14:00, Tuesday 22nd December 2020

Master J presents the show that is part quiz, part funny stories, part new Xmas parodies and fully fun. West End performer Karen Holmes takes on comedy actor Jason Kavan in the play along at home quiz. Other featured guests include pop band The Bachelors, author Anette Pollner, and model/actor Kaily O’Brien. During the show are six classic 'normal' songs that Master J has rewritten to turn into 2020 Christmas tracks, they are all performed by Karen Holmes. And bah humbug, there is one real Christmas song courtesy of The Bachelors! Listen to Part 2 on Christmas Eve. For more information visit Master J on Facebook. [Repeated Tuesday 2pm.]

Arty Facts Christmas Special 2

Next episode: 14:00, Thursday 24th December 2020

[Repeated from Thursday 2pm.] Master J presents the last part of the Christmas Special that has a quiz, funny stories, six new parody songs, and a lot of fun. West End performer Karen Holmes takes her lead into the final of the quiz against comedy actor Jason Kavan. Other featured guests include pop band The Bachelors, author Anette Pollner, and model/actor Kaily O’Brien. There is a real Christmas song by The Bachelors, and there are five classic 'normal' songs that Master J has rewritten to turn into 2020 Christmas tracks, that are performed by Karen Holmes. Plus, there’s an exclusive first listen to the new Arty Facts Resonance radio show theme song! Part 2 of 2. For more information visit Master J on Facebook

Bad Punk

Next episode: 01:00, Tuesday 19th January 2021

Sixty minutes in the eye of a radiophonic vortex, hosted by the Band of Holy Joy.

Bad Punk Christmas

Next episode: 12:00, Sunday 27th December 2020

Hosted by Johny Brown and Inga Tillere of Band Of Holy Joy. For more information visit, contact

Balling the Jack

Next episode: 08:00, Wednesday 20th January 2021

Joe Cushley explores 13 Bar Blues and Twisted Roots music from around the globe. From the the 1920s to the present day, from the barrel-house to the arthouse via the bedsit, from Mali to Mississippi to the Mekong via New Malden - every culture has its blues.

Bears At A Picnic

Andrea Spisto and Michelle Madsen explore themes of playfulness and vulnerability through music, poetry, performance and clowning.


Next episode: 22:30, Sunday 3rd January 2021

BZOU, a sound movie by Dom Bouffard. Little Red Riding Hood is thought to have first emerged in the French Alps in the late Middle Ages in the midst of an epidemic of werewolf (Bzou) trials. From a symbol of adolescent empowerment, she was later turned into a moralising fable by Charles Perrault in Le Petit Chaperon Rouge, a metaphor for the Napoleonic Rhineland invasion by the Brothers Grimm in Rotkäppchen. In the 20th century the Nazis made her a heroine of the Third Reich; Angela Carter imagined her as a werewolf’s lover in The Company of Wolves and Tony Ross as a New York vigilante. Bouffard interweaves these reincarnations with texts ranging from the infamous Hammer of Witches (which instructed the extermination of 'witches' in the 15th century) to Valerie Solanas’s SCUM Manifesto in a furious, impressionistic, sound journey through space and time, constructed from field recordings, modular electronics, contemporary classical and extreme guitar noise, sewn together with Penny Cliff’s disturbing poem Red Line.

Calling All Pensioners

Next episode: 14:00, Sunday 17th January 2021

Magazine programme about issues affecting pensioners across London, presented by Deptford Action Group for the Elderly's Tim Hamilton.

Christmas Carole

Next episode: 18:00, Monday 28th December 2020

Carole Finer - painter, teacher, musician and Resonance broadcaster - died earlier this year. To celebrate her long and eventful life we're broadcasting selected episodes of her long-running and wide-ranging "Sound Out" series this holiday, reflecting in particular her enthusiasm for the English modernist avant-garde, bluegrass and field recording.

Clear Spot

Next episode: 10:00, Wednesday 13th January 2021

Different each day, the Clear Spot is an open access show for new, unusual, sporadic or time-critical broadcasts. Pitches welcome from all and sundry. There is no direct link to the Clear Spots on Mixcloud as each is different - so search for the subject matter and by date.

Club Integral Radio Show

Next episode: 21:30, Wednesday 13th January 2021

Robert Storey and Andrew Scott Bolton preview upcoming Club Integral events around London, and explore music across all genre boundaries.

Definitely Dylan

Next episode: 04:00, Thursday 21st January 2021

Taking Tom Waits' description to heart - “Dylan is a planet to be explored” - Laura Tenschert presents a series dedicated to the planet that is Bob Dylan and his musical and cultural orbit.

Devil's Dancers

Next episode: 06:00, Sunday 16th February 2020

An episodic history of synthesized sounds with Nina Kehagia, broadcast monthly.

Diary Of Squat

Dig That Treasure

Next episode: 07:30, Thursday 14th January 2021

Will Hall presents forgotten, underrated and underappreciated pop and folk music from across the world. International scenes are at home alongside outsider musics, demos and covers, film and game soundtracks, and long-lost rarities in this decentred selection.

Dig This Time

Next episode: 21:00, Thursday 24th December 2020

A new radio artwork by Milo Thesiger-Meacham, commissioned by the 2020 Radiophrenia festival ( This imagines an online live-streamer - ANTIGENUS (anagram of ecologist Tina Negus) - as a documentary filmmaker, who navigates continents, time and virtual space, charting a digressive narrative about species and data in a post-Internet world. Text, music, production, direction: Milo Thesiger-Meacham. ANTIGENUS (narrator): Douglas Wood. MASON? FORD? (singer): Laurie Innes.

Down the Rabbit Hole

Katherine Woodfine, Melissa Cox and their guests discuss children's books in this monthly programme.

Drift Shift

Next episode: 11:30, Saturday 16th January 2021

Found sound and found text collected to form drifts that shift, produced and presented by Franziska Lantz.

Drift Shift Christmas Special

Next episode: 23:30, Thursday 24th December 2020

[Repeated from Friday 11.30pm.] A special festive edition of the show of found sound and found text collected to form drifts that shift, produced and presented by Franziska Lantz. Visit for more information.

Drones Of Hell

Next episode: 02:30, Wednesday 20th January 2021

Ray Kirby presents an hour of Extreme Metal, featuring tracks old and new from the last three decades.

East Cast

Next episode: 20:00, Wednesday 11th March 2020

East London focused monthly magazine show, presented by Nia Charpentier and Pearl Wise.

Exceptional Voices

Next episode: 08:00, Thursday 24th December 2020

[Repeated from Tuesday 12 Noon.] Special holiday programming as Ben Watson – MC of Late Lunch with Out To Lunch – presents three broadcasts throwing the spotlight on Exceptional Voices. This week, the series turns to Joe South, writer of "Games People Play" and "Hush", songs covered by everyone from Calypsonian Lord Brynner to Deep Purple.


Next episode: 23:30, Wednesday 23rd December 2020

Failands by Joseph Johnson who this year graduated on LCC's Sound Arts and Design course: a 25 minute sound work that explores ways of listening, the natural world and the humans place in nature.

Farside Radio

Next episode: 07:00, Sunday 16th February 2020

Surprising sounds from the Far East with Paul Fisher.

Fog Cast

Next episode: 02:30, Sunday 17th January 2021

Robin The Fog presents a series of late-night, deep listening soundtracks for our current era of isolation. Further details at: [Repeated Sunday 2.30am.]


Next episode: 05:00, Wednesday 20th January 2021

An exploration of field-recording, phonography, and the art of sound-hunting, with Patrick McGinley.

From The Hood

Paul Hood broadcasts monthly on the first Friday of each month at 8pm, drawing on four decades of playing in and around the areas of post-punk, indie rock and free improvisation.

Future Renaissance

[Repeated from Tuesday 12 Noon.] Composer Benjamin Tassie dives into the worlds of contemporary Baroque and Renaissance musicians and their obscure instruments. This week: Benjamin is joined by the composer Anna Meredith to introduce a complete performance of her work Anno, a reworking of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. For more information visit

Gate Kicks

Next episode: 03:30, Friday 15th January 2021

Produced by people with learning disabilities at the Gate Art Centre, Gate Kicks covers art, music, dance, film, theatre and offers a hub where this truly underground art scene is exposed to a larger audience. The show is introduced by DJ Ritchie Rich, multi-instrumentalist Duane aka Mr Amazing, and singer Labake Anisere.

Goldsmiths Radio End Of Year Showcase 2020

A marathon End of Year Showcase of sixteen new works for radio realised by BA and MA Radio students at Goldsmiths, University of London's Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies. Presented by Steven Toner and Phoebe McIndoe. Warning: some listeners may find some content and themes upsetting and disturbing. The showcase comprises: Reading Between The Lines by Martha James (featuring poet Conor Burn); Echo Chamber by Phoebe Izzard Davey (drama); Hypo-realism – A Hypoglycaemic Investigation by Steven Toner (soundscape exploring the journey of a diabetic suffering a low blood sugar episode); Upside Down Rainbows by Bethany Broomfield-Jones (docu-drama focusing around lockdown); Hearing The Light by Michela Mancini (the story of blind violinist Abbey Baker); Black Lives Matter: The UK Is Not Innocent by Carrie Morrison (includes content listeners may find upsetting); Nothing Is Forever by Emily Naylor (an exploration of the impact of dementia on one man’s life, told from the perspective of his wife, son, and granddaughter); The Disappearing People by Hailey Choi (Rahima Mahmut tells the story of the Uyghurs, persecuted, oppressed and interned by the Chinese government); The Rambling Mind by Phoebe McIndoe (a journey from Dartmoor to Exmoor which explores break-ups and the wild plains of love); The Elements Of Love by Zoë MacLeod (a collection of poems illustrating different kinds of love); Apocalyptic Milton by Lee Wilkinson (comedy: Milton Keynes is under attack!); I Had A Dream by Michela Mancini (an exploration of two distinct but analogous archives of dreams - one from the Covid-19 Pandemic, the other from Nazi Germany); It’s Alright by Phoebe McIndoe (a violent snapshot of family life: contains scenes listeners may find disturbing); Death and The Digital by Ilona Toller (How do we feel when we encounter our lost loved ones in the digital traces they leave behind?); Talk About It by Yan Li (many Chinese people think that discussing death will bring bad luck. But talking about it, is our adventure); and finally, Varenaphilia (Or How I Tried To Learn To Stop Worrying And Cut My Beard) by Steven Toner (who attempts to explore the importance of recording our loved ones whilst we still have the chance, at the same time as dealing with the pain of loss).

Grime for the Unconverted

Next episode: 00:00, Sunday 17th January 2021

Presented and mixed by DJ BPM and Sharon-Rose (on alternate weeks), showcasing Grime classics, unreleased promos and new releases.

Gwaith Sŵn's Sonic Darts

Next episode: 22:00, Monday 2nd March 2020

Sound-art and transmission-art delivered monthly by London sound art collective Gwaith Sŵn.

Hackney Social Radio

Next episode: 05:00, Saturday 16th January 2021

Immediate Theatre’s weekly show for the young at heart. This week: we speak to Hackney’s long-serving Member of Parliament, Diane Abbott, and we find out about a short documentary by local filmmaker Liam Saint Pierre which explores loneliness and intergenerational friendship. Plus, we chat to Peter Merrifield, a quit smoking advisor from Support When It Matters. Host Sue Elliott-Nichols is joined by Janet, Sharon and Steve, with music from our resident DJ Frank Kaos. For more info visit [Repeated Saturday 5am.]

Hellworld Half Hour

Next episode: 03:30, Monday 7th December 2020

Andy Tuersley curates a sound collage of online panoptic hypnagogia from the dread year 2020. [Repeated Monday 3.30am]

Henry Scott-Irvine Presents

A weekly arts magazine show in which filmmaker Henry Scott-Irvine looks at independent cinema, music and arts.

Ho Ho Hoenn Sound Christmas Special 2020

Next episode: 23:00, Monday 21st December 2020

[Repeated from Monday 11pm.] An all-new slowed down Christmas special by SJ Wilson. From pounding, pulsating techno jams to slow, chuggy, mesmerising soundscapes!

Hoenn Sound

Next episode: 02:00, Monday 18th January 2021

A conceptual radio show by SJ Wilson - all vinyl, all 33rpm. But all the vinyl is 45rpm techno (or otherwise) played at the slower speed setting.

Hot Club du Monde

A Baedeker tour of international musical curiosities from the 78rpm era with Oliver Carter-Wakefield.

How To Write A Song

Next episode: 20:00, Thursday 31st December 2020

Five part series with James Hodder.

Into The Moss

Next episode: 11:45, Saturday 16th January 2021

A sunken raft of weeds woven into a verdant morass of sound, song and story by the whinnying horses of the Ear Pocket hotel.

Into The Moss Christmas Special

Next episode: 19:00, Thursday 24th December 2020

[Repeated from Thursday 7pm.] In this compilation episode: a lesson learned at the lathe-side leads a rejuvenated fox to flex its shape-shifting muscles before turning us back again towards the unseemly world of dogs warming by a smouldering car wreck, that leads a couple crowing though even their ancient ambition leads to an icky situation by the towbar. Birds fed on a diet of culture, gourds wheezing, a new job at Lofties, young lights flickering on pines! Anyhow, all are walking with a bow or wallowing in misery while still noting a glimpse of radiance at the end of the tunnel which casts a long shadow over the hope even they’ll intone until the end. Show archive at Contact

Intoxica Radio Hour

Next episode: 12:00, Friday 15th January 2021

Presented by Nick Brown of Intoxica Record Shop and dedicated to the dignity of vinyl, giving centre stage to new vinyl reissue releases, spotlighting Content Themes and specific artists' careers - and generally playing the gloriously unheralded low-brow rock and soul of the 20th Century, all rendered on little slabs of black plastic.

Ireland's Eye

Next episode: 20:00, Wednesday 19th February 2020

Music from Irish and international stars plus community announcements, dedications, news and gossip from within the Irish community at home and abroad. Presented by Johnny Jameson.

Is Black Music

Next episode: 00:00, Friday 8th January 2021

The world's first Alternative Black Music Show, presented by Art Terry.

Is Black Music Christmas Special

Next episode: 21:30, Thursday 24th December 2020

Art Terry presents this Christmas Special for the world's first and longest running alternative Black music radio show. For more information visit

Isolation Vacation

Next episode: 06:00, Friday 15th January 2021

The first episode of a new series. Embark on a journey with the Spencer family as they go on a musical holiday to all four corners of the world. [Repeats Friday 6am.]


Next episode: 05:00, Thursday 21st January 2021

Cultural sonic detours with artist Simon Tyszko.


Next episode: 07:00, Friday 15th January 2021

Patricia Pascal sets the scene for the birth of Jazznewblood in 2015 and highlights important releases in that year that would mark the start of a revolution in UK jazz.

John Dredge's Nothing To Do With Anything Show


Judy Dyble RIP

Next episode: 13:00, Monday 21st December 2020

One-off memorial programme.

K-Pop Journey

Next episode: 22:30, Saturday 16th January 2021

A weekly show dedicated to the phenomenon that is K-pop! London based Korean presenter Keissi takes you on a journey through Korean pop music from the 1990s to the present day.

Kitchen Magic Time

Next episode: 04:30, Sunday 17th January 2021

Audio recipes designed to spice up life from the mysterious Mama Dolores.

Late Lunch with Out to Lunch

Next episode: 03:30, Saturday 16th January 2021

An hour's worth of polemical surrealism from Ben Watson, author of books on Frank Zappa and Derek Bailey.

Links, Links, Links: Wintermärchen For The Holidays

Next episode: 15:00, Saturday 26th December 2020

The Wire's Chris Bohn presents a special programme dedicated to German left political songs, with performances by Dagmar Krause, Ton Steine Scherben, Ernst Busch, Abwärts and more.

Listen. Let's Talk

Next episode: 11:00, Friday 30th October 2020

A weekly show hosted by urbanist Donald Hyslop. (Previously "It's Good to Talk.")

Listening Across Disciplines

A series examining Auditory Practices across Arts, Science and Technology, through conversations, lab and field demonstrations and environmental sounds. Each episode creates its own listening journey and entangles different voices and approaches with the spaces in which listening takes place. Produced by Mark Peter Wright and Salomé Voegelin at CriSAP, UAL.

Literary London

Nick Hennegan explores the popular cultural life and literary history of London.

Literary South

Next episode: 21:00, Wednesday 23rd December 2020

A monthly show about the Latin American and Spanish literary world, presented by Silvia Rothlisberger.

Little Atoms

Next episode: 09:00, Saturday 16th January 2021

A talk show about ideas and culture, produced and presented by Neil Denny.

Make Your Own Damn Music

Next episode: 05:00, Sunday 17th January 2021

Artworld shenanigans with Bob and Roberta Smith and George Lionel Barker.

Me & My Rhythm Box

Me & My Rhythm Box by Felix Kubin. Guests from the fields of music, art science, and instrument-making are invited to explain (live) their relationships to their own instrument through sample sounds, brief concerts, and conversations. Realised as part of 2017's documenta 14 radio project.

Meet Me On The Radio

Next episode: 11:30, Tuesday 12th January 2021

[Repeated from Tuesday 11.30am.] A series created by Meet Me at the Albany members, artists and collaborators. Presented by Ron Savill and Rosaline Muirhead. Produced by Hannah Kemp-Welch and Grant Smith. A co-production by the Albany and Entelechy Arts with Soundcamp.

Micro Clear Spot

Short-form, occasional and one-off works for radio. Contributions welcome, even at short notice.


Next episode: 06:00, Thursday 21st January 2021

Modulisme (which translates as Modularism) is a series devoted to out of leftfield modular synthesis, with a different sound-designer playing live or offering studio recordings of their choice each week.

More Womxn

Katie Callin and Hannah Hogan present left-field, experimental and alternative music exclusively by women, the third Friday of each month.

Music From Indie Cork 2020

Next episode: 20:00, Tuesday 22nd December 2020

As part of this year's special edition of the IndieCork festival of independent film and music (media partner - Resonance FM), Tony Langlois introduces a performance at the Guesthouse, Cork, on 2 October 2020 by Andy Ingamells, Irene Murphy, Billy Kemp and Mick O'Shea of an experimental score by Andy Ingamelis entitled, “Read this Text at Medium Speed.” We are assured that the results will “sound like an intricate murmuring texture punctuated by delicate pointillistic instrumental sounds”. Listening on headphones to this binaural recording will be a unique experience. 3/3.

Near Mint's A Cool Cat's Christmas

Next episode: 18:30, Friday 25th December 2020

Seasonal adventures in compulsive record-collecting with obsessive hoarder Robin The Fog.

New Works For Radio

Selections from across the world of new works made for the medium of radio.

Nostalgie Ya Mboka

Next episode: 07:00, Monday 18th January 2021

Mundele Mafuta presents classic dance music of the two Congos.

Novara FM

Next episode: 09:00, Monday 18th January 2021

A weekly show dedicated to political theory and current affairs hosted by James Butler.

Nunhead American Radio with Lewis Schaffer

Next episode: 09:30, Saturday 17th October 2020

The only radio programme for Americans living in Nunhead, hosted by comedian Lewis Schaffer with Lisa Moyle. With music from The Relatives.

Oto Radio

[Repeated from Monday 11pm.] Abby Thomas and Fielding Hope of Cafe OTO explore forthcoming and recent concerts at London's foremost new music venue and play selections from the Cafe OTO archive. This month: friend and Les Ateliers Claus' artistic director Tommy De Nys is back with the second part of his TakuRoku mix - playing new music recorded in lockdown by Ikue Mori, Secluded Bronte, Rachel Musson & Corey Mwamba, David Toop & Avsluta and Cath & Phil Tyler.

Our Journey

A six part series which celebrates and explores the significance of the first Black led civil rights campaign in the UK, the Bristol Bus Boycott of 1963. Produced and presented by Miranda Rae. A Sound Women South West Network production supported by the Audio Content Fund.

Out in South London

Next episode: 10:00, Sunday 17th January 2021

Award-winning LGBT magazine show with live guests and reviews hosted by Stewart Who and Sophia Blackwell.


A personal collage of thoughts and details from experiencing a particular place. Presented by Georgina Bowden.

Panel Borders

Next episode: 17:30, Wednesday 3rd February 2021

A monthly magazine show about comics and graphic novels with Alex Fitch.

Panel Borders Comics Research Special


Next episode: 02:30, Friday 15th January 2021

A monthly talk show about technology - how we use it, and how it uses us. Host Peter Warren is an award-winning investigative journalist.

Patches Of Land

Next episode: 10:00, Tuesday 22nd December 2020

A compendium edition of 100 two minute radio features, produced by Stellaria Media (Lucinda Guy, Alice Armstrong) and supported by the Audio Content Fund. Exquisitely small stories, each one a different perspective on our relationship with the land throughout Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly. Each ‘patch’ begins and ends with a distinctive musical phrase, composed from Ordnance Survey grid references, that joins seamlessly to any other patch, performed by Neil Maya on clarinet and Pat Butterly on double bass.


Next episode: 22:00, Monday 21st December 2020

Polifony with Kristopher Winter, is a monthly programme dedicated to the exploration of Eastern European culture.

Previously On Resonance FM

Gems from our archives, selected by Ed Baxter.

Pull the Plug

Next episode: 11:00, Saturday 16th January 2021

Promos and new releases spun and sometimes speared by Johnny Seven.


Next episode: 03:30, Wednesday 20th January 2021

Members of Radia, the international group of independent cultural radio stations, explore new and forgotten ways of making radio.

Radio Ecoshock

Next episode: 06:00, Monday 21st December 2020

Global environmental news with Alex Smith.

Radio Is A Foreign Country

Kenneth Routon presents the raw sounds of obscure international folk and pop music.

Radio Sketches

Next episode: 17:00, Monday 21st December 2020

Radio artworks. Today: On The Mountain. Featuring the voice of Bill Cheevers. Montage, script: Ed Baxter. Found Object: "Come My Darling Polly" by Alasdair Roberts.


Next episode: 17:00, Tuesday 19th January 2021

Chiara Ambrosio conducts conversations about how marginalised and underrepresented artists and the city interact and shape each other and how the socio-political shifts in London affect art.

Records Comic, Curious And Cracked

Next episode: 17:30, Tuesday 18th February 2020

An eco-neutral trawl through the unusual records acquired by various means, including even purchase, during an otherwise mostly virtuous lifetime by Jack Thorington.

Ross's Cantina

Next episode: 19:00, Monday 8th June 2020

Ross Forrest walks us through the shadier side of roots, country and Americana. Today: expect music from the likes of Judee Sill, Gene Clark, and Warren Zevon. Contact the show at

Sample Stories

[Repeats from Tuesday 3pm.] Sample Stories explores the sampling style of a different artist or album each month. Today, we look at the use of jazz samples in drum and bass and jungle. Expect music from Photek, Idris Muhammad, Debussy and Peshay, with a special mix from Cam. Produced by Tabatha Batra Vaughan. For more episodes visit Mixcloud or


A monthly new music series from SHAPE (Sound, Heterogeneous Art & Performance in Europe), a platform established in 2014 by 16 European festivals with support of EU's Creative Europe programme to promote emerging musicians and innovative audiovisual artists.

Shoot The Breeze

Next episode: 06:00, Wednesday 20th January 2021

A talk programme dedicated to films and television shows, presented by Marcus Ako, Laura Sampson and David Campbell.

Sir Alan Parker RIP

Next episode: 15:00, Monday 21st December 2020

In place of the scheduled repeat, an edition of "Henry Scott-Irvine Presents" from 8 October 2013, in which Henry interviews the late Sir Alan Parker. He won19 BAFTA awards, 10 Golden Globes and 10 Oscars and was awarded the CBE for his services to the British film industry. A founding member of the Directors Guild of Great Britain, he received the BAFTA Academy Fellowship Award in February 2013, the highest honour the British Film Academy can give a filmmaker. He was Chairman of both The BFI and The Film Council. And he made 14 international feature films. Sir Alan Parker died on 31 July 2020. RIP.

Sitting With Gianluca

Next episode: 06:00, Saturday 23rd January 2021

Interviews and informed portraits of contemporary American musicians with our stateside correspondent Gianluca Tramontana.

Sleeping Dogs Lie

Next episode: 03:30, Sunday 24th January 2021

Ambient music presented by Miguel Santos: no words, just slow tempo, minimal, experimental, abstract, cool chill-out dreamlike sounds.

Smashing Records

Next episode: 14:00, Monday 18th January 2021

Abs Tripp from DASL (Disability Advice Service Lambeth) discusses how music fires people up to jump higher, ride further and shout louder.

Soft Sound

A monthly radio show hosted by composer Jo Thomas featuring sound-walking, music and conversation from around the UK.

Sonic Imperfections

Nigel Bryant of the South East London based monthly live experimental music night Sonic Imperfections plays an assortment of new music related to their monthly promotions.

Southern Whirled Service

Next episode: 20:00, Saturday 16th January 2021

An exploration of the sounds and influences of south London music scenes with an emphasis on younger, newer artists. With Walter Lockwood.

Southwark COVID - A Housing Response

Next episode: 11:30, Monday 18th January 2021

Description:Up-to-date information from Southwark Group of Tenant Organisations (SGTO) for Southwark residents regarding Covid-19.

Speakers' Corner

Next episode: 04:00, Friday 27th November 2020

Recordings of voices, meetings, views, and soundscapes from in and around Speakers' Corner, the world's oldest location for free speech. Produced by Heiko Khoo.

Spizz FM

Next episode: 08:00, Saturday 16th January 2021

An audio autobiography by punk rock legend Spizz.

Spool's Out Radio

Next episode: 23:00, Monday 24th February 2020

[Repeated from Monday 11pm.] Tristan Bath (of The Quietus) delves into music from the cassette tape underground. This week's show is the result of Tristan stumbling across an online archive of vintage home recordings on tape from the USA. Tune in for a mishmash of tape junk including; shopping mall karaoke booth recordings, kids playing with their tape decks, rambling raps, and voicemail recordings. Visit for more information.

Steep Incline

Next episode: 10:00, Friday 15th January 2021

A diverse mix (monthly) of out-of-leftfield music and sound presented by James Hassall, Bene Pooley, Jack Greenhalgh and Matt Soczywko from London-based label Steep Incline.

Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde

Next episode: 17:00, Saturday 26th December 2020

A unique radiophonic adaptation of RL Stevenson's "Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr.Hyde" by the Resonance Radio Orchestra, featuring special guests Otomo Yoshihide and DJ Sniff. Tam Dean Burn plays Jekyll, Cliff McClune is Hyde, Sam Collings is Utterson and Erik Fuller is Lanyon. Text adapted by Ed Baxter, with a critical exegesis by Stevenson expert Robert Mighall. RRO musicians include Chris Weaver, Aleks Kolkowski, Ivor Kallin, James Dunn, Fari Bradley, Xentos "Fray" Bentos and Ted Barrow. First broadcast 23 November 2008.

Strange Morals

Three short stories exploring life moments and exchanges between people, brought to you by Nova Waves. First broadcast on Resonance Extra. 3/3.

Studio Visit

In depth interviews with international contemporary artists, musicians, writers and graphic novelists, conducted by Morgan Quaintance.


Twelve audio artworks commissioned by AICA UK (International Association of Art Critics UK) in partnership with PEER, London, that explore artists’ relationship to the studio as a place of solitude and creativity - and the the new realties they are currently navigating. Supported by Art Fund.

Synaptic Island

Next episode: 05:00, Friday 22nd January 2021

A collective of female/non-binary DJs and artists explore a selected theme each week through music and conversation.

Talking Africa

Next episode: 09:00, Tuesday 19th January 2021

A discussion show about African development with Sonny Decker.

The Artangel Longplayer Assembly

First broadcast 26 September 2020. 24 leading thinkers whose individual specialist work embodies long term thought converge in a non-stop 12-hour conversation relay. Schedule: 11.50am: Introduction by Ansuman Biswas. 12pm: Precious Lunga / Eyal Weizman. 12.30pm: Eyal Weizman / Brian Eno. 1pm: Brian Eno / Amia Srinivasan. 1.30pm: Amia Srinivasan / Farhana Yamin. 2pm: Farhana Yamin / Helen Thompson. 2.30pm: Helen Thompson / Will Prentice. 3pm: Will Prentice / Vibeke Mascini. 3.30pm: Vibeke Mascini / Theodore Zeldin. 4pm: Theodore Zeldin / Mariana Mazzucato. 4.30pm: Mariana Mazzucato / Laurie Anderson. 5pm: Laurie Anderson / Mulindwa Moses. 5.30pm: Mulindwa Moses / Sukhdev Sandhu. 6pm: Sukhdev Sandhu / Saskia Sassen. 6.30pm: Saskia Sassen / Rupert Beale. 7pm: Rupert Beale / Holly Jean Buck. 7.30pm: Holly Jean Buck / Jacqueline Springer. 8pm: Jacqueline Springer / Alexander Rose. 8.30pm: Alexander Rose / Meehan Crist. 
9pm: Meehan Crist / Naomi Alderman. 9.30pm: Naomi Alderman / Saul Griffith. 10pm: Saul Griffith / Catalina Ortiz. 10.30pm: Catalina Ortiz / John Akomfrah. 11pm: John Akomfrah / Janna Levin. 11.30pm: Janna Levin / Precious Lunga. Visit for full details.

The Bike Show

This Christmas holiday we dip into the archives of The Bike Show, Jack Thurston's definitive and era-defining broadcast and podcast series which does exactly what you'd expect from the title. Today, our final selection is from 22 July 2013: Jack joins a 2500 strong cyclists' protest ride.

The Curtain Up Show

Next episode: 09:00, Sunday 17th January 2021

Tim McArthur, Nathan Matthews and guests discuss London's thriving music-theatre scene.

The Diaries Of Xentos Fray Bentos

Next episode: 03:30, Monday 18th January 2021

The Diaries offer us an intimate trip into the journals of Xentos Fray Bentos. They commence from shortly before his nativity in 1402 and cover the era up until Xentos’ death in 2757. Resonance FM are thrilled to the bring of these illuminated writings to the airways for very first time. This week: Episode six features filmmaker Luke Fowler in 'Win, Lose or Darwin' while the superlative Lauren Regan joins us once again in 'Following On'. John Glyn is joined by ace drummer Richard Dudanski in this episode’s Fruit Stall. Your MC is Emma Songeur with links from Megan Robinson and sound artist Haco. For more information visit Instagram @TheDiariesofXentosFrayBentos. [Repeats Monday 3.30am]

The Great Get Together Tour Of Bankside

We kick off our Christmas Holiday schedule with an on air tour of Bankside by Tim Wood, chair of Bankside Open Space Trust. First broadcast as part of The Great Get Together On Air, this series of conversations with local VIPs - from the well-known to the self-effacing - takes us on a tour of the area immediately around the Resonance studio, touching on its history, itse sense of community, its hopes and fears - plus a personal selection of music by each of the interviewees. Featuring Neil Coyle, Adele Morris, Keith Ewart, David Stevens, Sarah Gaventa, Simon Hughes, Steve Riddell, Michelle Lovric, Johnson Situ, Alda Dizdari, Kevin Quinn, Chris Symrios, Rebecca Lury, Ross Sayers, Andrew Nunn, Mike Wilson, and George Nicholson.

The Hello Goodbye Show

Next episode: 02:30, Tuesday 19th January 2021

Upbeat, eclectic live music show hosted by deXter Bentley.

The Langham Research Centre Show

Next episode: 20:00, Tuesday 18th February 2020

Each month Langham Research Centre present their favourite electronic music and musique concrète, mixing classics and new releases.

The London Ear

Next episode: 07:00, Tuesday 19th January 2021

Ghostwriter and critic Ben Thompson presents a DFS Algonquin Table for the post-thought era.

The Naked Short Club

Next episode: 09:00, Thursday 14th January 2021

Dr. Stu and expert guests dance around hedge funds, markets, the economy and wider world, with heady music, poetry and the delicious products of sponsors Madoff Ponzi Bier.

The News Agents

Next episode: 06:00, Tuesday 19th January 2021

A hybrid news-arts programme curated by Jude Cowan Montague.

The Open Arms

Next episode: 17:15, Friday 25th December 2020

Take a trip to the wonderful virtual pub created in sound by artist Sally O’Reilly. Realised as part of STUDIOAUDIO, a partnership project curated by AICA-UK and PEER. Supported by Art Fund.

The Organ presents The Other Rock Show

Next episode: 08:00, Thursday 21st January 2021

Progressive sounds and music that uses unusual time signatures, song structures and dynamics, breaking out of Western music's obsession with 4/4. With Marina Organ.

The OST Show

Next episode: 15:00, Monday 18th January 2021

The only radio show anywhere dedicated to film music, TV music, library music and related recordings. Presented by Jonny Trunk, one of the world's foremost collectors and experts in this field.

The Outerglobe

Next episode: 04:00, Monday 11th January 2021

Debbie Golt takes as her starting point African music and wider arts and culture.

The Outerglobe Festive Mix

Next episode: 14:00, Friday 25th December 2020

[Repeated from Friday 2pm.] Debbie Golt takes African music and wider arts and culture as her starting point. She is also a DJ and offers a feisty festive mix featuring favourites and future bubblers. Enjoy! Visit for more information. Tweet to @outerglobe.

The Restart Project

Next episode: 17:00, Tuesday 10th March 2020

Janet Gunter, Ugo Vallauri and Dave Pickering host a different kind of gadget show. They discuss the work and philosophy of the Restart Project, a London-based social enterprise that encourages people to use their electronics longer, to prevent waste, save money, and make people happier.

The Rob Simone Talk Show

Next episode: 00:00, Monday 17th February 2020

Los Angeles-based investigator Rob Simone interviews a wide range of alternative thinkers and authors about new ideas and anomalous phenomena.

The Self Road

Next episode: 17:30, Wednesday 22nd July 2020

Anne Gallien, French anglophile, voiceover artist, vocalist and former member of The Veees, explores mental health and self-development through a series of encounters with extraordinary travellers.

The Sound Projector Radio Show

Next episode: 01:00, Wednesday 20th January 2021

Showcase for records of contemporary experimental and underground music, hosted by Ed Pinsent.

The Sound Sanctuary

Next episode: 13:00, Wednesday 13th January 2021

Journey around the world with travel hungry record collector Jamal and experience ethereal music spanning cosmic soul, global funk and spiritual jazz.

The Sounds Of DMWSound

Next episode: 23:00, Saturday 28th November 2020

Panix and Ranking Dan from DMWSOUND demonstrate the music that inspires their sound. Genres spanning from Reggae to Modern Bass music. Keep tuned for the classics and fresh new dubs. For more info visit Facebook and [Repeated Saturday 11pm.] 

The Sounds Of DMWSOUND

Panix and Ranking Dan from DMWSOUND demonstrate the music that inspires their sound. Genres spanning from Reggae to Modern Bass music. Keep tuned for the classics and fresh new dubs.

The Traditional Music Hour

Next episode: 12:00, Monday 11th January 2021

Reg Hall and Kevin Sheils alternate to present an informed and judicious selection of recordings of traditional music from Britain, Ireland and occasionally further afield.

The Workplace

NND and guests discuss all aspects of work and workplaces. Continue the #workplacennd discussion on Twitter.

The Wrong Show

Next episode: 22:30, Wednesday 20th January 2021

Extraordinary and lopsided radiophonic high jinks with Orlando Harrison.

Tim Smith RIP

Next episode: 22:00, Monday 21st December 2020

One-off memorial programme.

Toots Hibbert Tribute

Next episode: 12:00, Tuesday 22nd December 2020

One-off memorial programme.

Trail Mix[Ed]

Next episode: 16:00, Tuesday 22nd December 2020

A three part series by Bram Thomas Arnold, made for Exeter Arts &Culture which forms part of the R&D stage of “Field Station”  - a mobile field laboratory for transdisciplinary research by Dr Bram Arnold with the Environment and Sustainability Institute at the University of Exeter. Today: Episode 3 takes as its root the questions posited by Professor Jem Bendell’s virally distributed paper Deep Adaptation, which asks us to consider what we can relinquish, what we can restore and what can we make resilient in these times of ecological collapse.


Next episode: 04:00, Tuesday 22nd December 2020

Lucia Scazzocchio from Social Broadcasts scans the digital soundscape every other month to bring you original sounds, new voices and archive treasures.

Turtle Island

Next episode: 00:30, Saturday 16th January 2021

Contemporary Native American and First Nations music from a wide range of indigenous musicians in North America, selected by multi-disciplinary sculptor Andrew G-J (aka DJ Droid), who first came across it whilst researching the Standing Rock protests of 2016/17.

Vaughan Oliver RIP

Next episode: 13:00, Tuesday 22nd December 2020

One-off memorial programme.

Vegetarianism The Story So Far

Next episode: 08:00, Monday 28th December 2020

A fifteen part radio history of vegetarianism by Ian McDonald, who starts right at the beginning and tracks the story of the ideas that inspired vegetarians around the world up to the present day. Today: Episode 15. Liberation – on veganism, hippies, and the animal rights movement. For more information visit:

Victor Nubla RIP

Next episode: 18:30, Tuesday 22nd December 2020

One-off memorial programme.


Next episode: 23:00, Monday 16th November 2020

The monthly audio magazine from South London's foremost music and arts lab, Iklectik.


Next episode: 14:30, Friday 11th December 2020

A programme of multiple agendas presented by William English.

Work Of Art

Next episode: 19:00, Monday 28th December 2020

[Repeated from Tuesday 11am.] A move the dial mini-series discussion exploring thought-provoking art and the real work of art – to elevate consciousness. In this series, art historian Alice Procter examines U.S. artist Kara Walker’s Tate Modern Hyundai Commission 2019, Fons Americanus. This week: Past, Present and Future. Part 5 of 5. Produced and presented by NND.