Your £10 donation...

enables Resonance to broadcast for ten - advert free! - minutes. That's a couple of songs in a brisk live session by a great new band, a short bus journey's worth of stimulating live discussion, or an intense blast of astonishing radio-art.

A regular monthly donation really lets us plan for Resonance's future!

Your £100 donation...

allows us to maintain Resonance's facilities by replacing headphones, microphones, chairs and carpet worn away by our 225 busy programme makers and their stream of surprising guests. And as a Friend of the station you also get a designer Resonance T-shirt, with our compliments and thanks.

A regular monthly donation really lets us plan for Resonance's future!

Your £1000 donation...

will make a transformative difference to Resonance, enabling us to make firm plans for the future. By way of appreciation, we'll acknowledge your generosity on our website, give you VIP treatment at our annual Resofit and other events, lay on a tour of the studios and introduce you to our programme makers - and as a Benefactor of the station we'll give you a limited edition Peter Blake T shirt.

A regular monthly donation really lets us plan for Resonance's future!

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Donors, Friends & Benefactors

Annual Fundraiser 2021 donations to date: £13,714. Thanks to our most recent donors: Judy Hallgarten, Tracey Alexander, Douglas Carnall, Hennadiy Melnyk, Patrick Bill, Ben Thompson, Jerry Wigens, John Dignan, Felipe Petry, William English, Art Terry, Jason Smith, Mark Hargreaves, Paul Fishman, Mervyn, Simon Tyszko, Dan Powell, The Curtain Up Show, Maurizio Marianetti, Marie-Fleur Charlesworth, Cal Sawyer, Sam Conran, Kerri Aungle, Angie Lemon, Tamar Millen, James Torrance, Nigel Haynes, Sarah Jenkins, Hannah Kemp-Welch, Sylvia Solanas, Adam Hopkins, Dagmara Klimczak, David Quinlan, Dorothy Johnson-Laird, Craig Varian, Elisabeth Reissner, Panagiotis Skoutelis, W Jones, Sadie Jemmett, James A. Smith, Sexton Ming, Dali de Saint Paul, Blang Records, Optimistic Productions, Jamie Paul, Adrian Shaw, Ilicco Elia, Alberto Flores, Bessie Shaw, Barry Austin, Brian Webb, Jeff Surak, Kate Arnold, Ben Ponton, Blanca Regina Perez, Joseph Naayem, Richard Patterson, Martin Spencer, Nicola Woodham, Peter Bromley, Injazero Records, Jacqueline Rice, Domino Recording Company, Shaun Hendry, Christine Bone, Gemma Kirk, Paul Horsefield, Marek Neumann, A Silvester, David Lockwood, Vaisman Maturana, J O'Doherty, M Walford, S Payne, Alistair Colling, DW Poole, S Holling, Zara Idelson, Mr Perara, David Walmsley, Silvia Rothlisberger, Robert Judkins, RM Osorio, Bruce Mack, AP Croucher, Ivor Kallin, Alistair Hawkins, George Petais, JM Gagen, Anna Goodman, D Rabih, SA Bradbury, Tatja Karkkainen, John W Hodgson, Paul Gillieron, Meri Lashley, Tam Dean Burn, Mikolaj Szafranski, D Hitchings, N Clifford, SHB Berridge, Jeremie Cometto, A Leone, L Decker, DGA Stephenson, Ilia Rogatchevski, Margot Gibbs, Andrew Brain, T Newton, Denis McWilliams, Michael Garrad, Catherine McGahan, MD Shaw, JP Kenton, Stephanie Russell, Jonathan Taylor, Anthony Hynes, Alexander Taylor, Alex Ressel, Stuart Calder, E Caldicott, Abigail Tripp, Sanjay Mistry, Neil Denny, Ed Straw, Edward Harrington, James Engel, Matthew Fuller, Peter Lanceley, Matt Archibald, Gunther Goldschmitt, DJ BPM, Robin The Fog, Andrew Kerr, Tim Siddall, Alex Fitch, Artrocker, Johny Brown, DJ Ritu, Orlando Harrison, Ashwyn Smyth, Norman Druker, DIna A, Inbal Billie Marom, Jeremy Wickremer, Daniel Wootton, Janet Davies, Matthew Down, Andy Holloway, Julius Pasteiner, Carolyn Baxter, Joerg Krull, Thom Driver, Alison Young, Bettina Schroeder, Simon Harper, Joe Cushley, Christina, Laura Wirtz, Stuart MacDonald, Barry Burns, 8ft Ants Production, Hugo Berkeley, Julie Walker, Clare Menor, Rowland Curtis, Francesca Allfrey, Olivier Busin, Darren Ledgerwood, Ed Gerstner, Brian Eley, Amanda Sebestyen, Patrick Tubin McGinley, Joe Banks, Steve Rushton, Marina Organ, Kevin Sheils, William Morland, Hans Glib, Charlie Lockley, The Hello Goodbye Show, Nigel Bryant, Spizz, Andrew Graves Johnston, Debbie Golt, Brian, Ella Drauglis, Eugene Coyne, Chris Taylor, Jude Cowan Montagu, Alex Botton, Kevin Sheils, Paige Tribe, Angela Last, Patrick John Wray, Andrew Scott Bolton, Rich Chapman, Laurence Young, Daniel Edelstyn, Marilyn George, Patrick May, Hendrik Huthoff, Ralph Clayton, C B Gooch, Jacob Thoegersen, Eric Bruce, Martin Reading, James Kay, Vicky Lee, Sam Robinson, Andrew J Melvin, Martin Reading, Fola Kotun, Deborah Darnes, Francis Creighton, Marie-Fleur Charlesworth, Karl Richard, and many anonymous donors.
Special thanks to our Friends and regular donors: Khalid Abdalla, MJ Alder, Tim Abbott, Dominic Appleton, Brenno Balbino, Dr Baraitser, S Bartholomew, Carolyn Baxter, Douglas Benford, Jeffrey Blackler, Chris Bohn, D Cecil, Jiyoung Chung, Anna Colin, Andrew Collingridge, Steve Copland, MG Corney, Sonny Decker, Entertainist, Solen Fluzin, Deborah-Louise Grant, Calum Gunn, Nigel Haynes, Ray Heller, Luke Hodgkin, Mr Honey, Mr Jackson, Sarah James, M Klang, Simon Klee, Stephen Lawson, S Leslie, Peter Mance, Patrick McGinley, Alex McGuire, SymWanderer Megaheadphoneboy, Mina Miller, Thomas Motts, Sarah Nicol, S Oldfield, M O'Neill, F Peacocke, Ricardo Reis, Konstantinos Skindilias, David Stubbs, Ian Taylor, Stephanie Thomson, Jim Whelton, D Whittaker, Jerry Wigens, Martin Williams, Chris Winstanley, Rene Wolf. And to all at Cafe OTO.
Very special thanks to our very generous Benefactors: Simon Carter, Joe Corré, Elinor Jansz, John Paul Jones, Daniel Kitson, Stewart Lee, Stuart MacDonald, Nouman Qureshi, Karl Richard, Alex Sainsbury, Bob & Roberta Smith, and the late Frank Howling.

Donor FAQs

Am I giving to a registered charity?

Yes. Resonance is a project of London Musicians' Collective Limited, registered charity number 290236.

What does GiftAid involve?

If you are a UK tax payer, you can add value to your charitable donationthrough GiftAid. Gift Aid increases the value of your charitable donation by 25%: we can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift at no extra cost to you.

How do you spend my donation?

Resonance fund raises throughout the year, trying to extend and improve its resources. We operate two small studios in central London, used by over 300 people each week. Your donation helps us pay for new equipment, replace worn out furniture, pay the rent, and buy tea and biscuits for our volunteers.

How can I cancel my monthly donation?

Visit this page to manage your monthly recurring donation.