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The Club

A four part series. Each week Ben Davis spends time with two different communities to explore contemporary subcultures in the UK. This week: The Chap Olympiad, hosted by The Chap Magazine; and the Steam Punk Morris Dancers. For more information, email benjoeldavis@gmail.com. First broadcast January 2017. [Repeated Monday 11.30am.]

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An overview of independent and not-for-profit community, 'free', campus, and other radio stations which provide a wealth of material and perspectives outside of the mainstream media orthodoxy. This series constitutes a major retrospective of the work of the radio art network Radia, whose collective mission is to make radio that transcends the borders and boundaries of land and language. Mobile Radio visits each station in turn to discern their motives and inspirations, and explore the work of one of their associated artists. Radiaphiles is part of a commission for documenta 14, and will be aired in Kassel and Berlin from 17 June to 7 July 2017. This week: a conversation with Chuse Fernandez and Miguel Deza of TEA FM in Zaragoza in Spain. For more information visit mobile-radio.net. [Repeated Saturday 3.30pm.]

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Nothing New Under The Sun

Francisco Mazza reveals some of the most inventive and provocative musicians and composers from Brazil. Today he talks to Brazilian group Chelpa Ferro, ahead of their imminent exhibition and performance in London. This Brazilian experimental music trio is renowned for its sound installations of dissonance and ambience that employ cathartic improvisation and musique concrete. [Repeated Sunday 6am.]

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Loud And Quiet

Having evolved from a bedroom fanzine to a UK-wide free alternative tabloid, Stuart Stubbs and Greg Cochrane from independent music magazine Loud And Quiet play their favourite new music in this monthly programme. Visit Loudandquiet.com for more information. [Repeated Thursday 9am.]

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