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Most recent update - 14.06.2022


HG20 - celebrating 20 years of The Hello GoodBye Show

Upset The Rhythm & Hello Goodbye present
HG20: a three-day fundraiser celebrating 20 years of Hello Goodbye and Resonance FM
MOTH Club, Old Trades Hall, Valette Street, London E9 6NU
For the last 20 years The Hello GoodBye Show has...

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RAFT: a fragile display

Join filmmaker, artist and Resonance broadcaster Chiara Ambrosio for a month-long séance, conjuring images, dreams, nightmares and fairy tales reaped and sowed in the city of London. RAFT: A FRAGILE DISPLAY is at The Horse Hospital,...

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Streaming Resonance FM

If you have trouble streaming Resonance FM, then you need to change to this new stream URL: Let us know if you have any problems, please, by emailing us:

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