12:00am - 1:00am

Club Integral Radio Show

[Repeated from Wednesday 9.30pm.] The Earl of Killorglin and Andrew Scott-Bolton of Club Integral - London's long-running "home to the uncategorisable" - explore the music that informs its long running (but currently suspended) concert series in London.

1:00am - 2:30am

The Ambrosia Rasputin Show

[Repeated from Sunday 12pm.] Freewheeling music series with Ivor Kallin.

2:30am - 3:30am

Bermuda Triangle Test Transmissions Broadcasts

[Repeated from Tuesday 4am.] Live radiophonic interventions with Howard Jacques, Melanie Clifford and Matt Davies. Visit btttb.blogspot.com/ for more information. Contact testtransmissions@gmail.com.

3:30am - 4:00am

Gate Kicks

[Repeated from Wednesday 1.30pm.] Introduced by DJ Ritchie Rich, multi-instrumentalist Duane aka Mr Amazing, and singer Labake Anisere, and produced by people with learning disabilities at the Gate Arts Centre, Gate Kicks covers art, music, dance, film, theatre and offers a hub where this truly underground art scene is exposed to a larger audience.

4:00am - 4:30am

Hooting Yard On The Air

[Repeated from Thursday 4.30pm.] Archival repeats of the indescribable fiction of the late lamented Frank Key of hootingyard.org, for many years writer-in-residence at Resonance FM.

4:30am - 5:00am


[Repeated from Wednesday 7.30pm.] Eleonore Desnos explores French audio oddities and delights "a la carte". This week: the first episode of a series on French electronic music. A look at the pioneers of the genre; Pierre Schaeffer, Pierre Henry, Pierre Boulez and Jean-Jacques Perrey.

5:00am - 6:00am

Synaptic Island

[Repeated from Saturday 3.30pm.] A collective of DJs and artists explores a selected theme each week through music and conversation. Listen to archived shows on Mixcloud. For more information visit Twitter @synaptic_island, Instagram @synapticisland and synapticisland.com

6:00am - 7:00am

Isolation Vacation

[Repeated from Monday 5pm.] Isolation Vacation introduces you to the Practical Application of Music and Other Theories. We’ll be teaching you how music works to make the world a better place. This week: how time signatures give music its beat. From Strauss via Brubeck to The Strokes and Public Service Broadcasting, we show you how to get into the groove!

7:00am - 8:00am

Sample Stories

[Repeated from Tuesday 3pm.] Sample Stories explores the sampling style of a different artist or album each month. Today: we look at the samples used by The Orb on their 1991 album, Adventures Beyond the Ultraworld. Expect an eclectic range of music from Grace Jones, Ennio Morricone, Antonio Vivaldi and Steve Reich. For more episodes visit Mixcloud or facebook.com/samplestories

8:00am - 9:00am

Future Classical

[Repeated from Tuesday 12pm.] Benjamin Tassie speaks with contemporary composers about their music and the music that inspires them. This week: Benjamin meets the Canadian composer Sarah Davachi ahead of the release of her new album, Antiphonals and two performances at London's Southbank Centre with members of the London Contemporary Orchestra.

9:00am - 10:00am

Radio EcoshockHighlight

Global environmental news with Alex Smith. This week: By Fire And Flood, They Shall Know. The science behind the floods and fires. From UCLA, Jesse Norris reports: we know for certain extreme rainfall events are more common now than in the past. What does that mean for our future? Then one of the top experts on wildfires in the Western United States, Dr. David Peterson. David has the insight from decades of working on wildfires. You will get the big picture view that mainstream media never touches. Visit ecoshock.org/ for more information. Contact radio@ecoshock.org. [Repeats Monday 6am.]

10:00am - 11:00am

Clear Spot

[Repeated from Thursday 8pm.] One off, irregular and sometimes surprise broadcasts.

10:00am - 11:00am

Steep Incline

[Repeated from Thursday 8pm.] London-based label Steep Incline present a mix of forthcoming releases and selections spanning industrial, techno, noise and avant-garde sound. Visit steepincline.co.uk for details of the label or Bandcamp to hear their releases.

11:00am - 12:00pm

Listen. Let's Talk.

A weekly show hosted by urbanist Donald Hyslop. Today, he talk to New York-based musician and artist Ted Riederer. They discuss the vibrant cultural world of the City’s East Village including the work of artist and designer Arturo Vega (the Fifth Ramone), Howl Arts through to living in the time of Trump and Covid. First broadcast 27 November 2020. [Repeats Wednesday 7am.]

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Intoxica Radio Hour

Presented by Nick Brown of Intoxica Record Shop and dedicated to the dignity of vinyl, giving centre stage to new vinyl reissue releases, spotlighting Content Themes and specific artists' careers - and generally playing the gloriously unheralded low-brow rock and soul of the 20th Century, all rendered on little slabs of black plastic. For further information and general waffle, contact intoxica@intoxica.co.uk. [Repeated Saturday 1.30am.]

1:00pm - 2:00pm

Novara FM

A weekly show dedicated to political theory and current affairs hosted by James Butler. Today: A Plague of Blue Locusts. Are there any limits to police power? James is joined by Mark Neocleous, Professor of the Critique of Political Economy, Brunel University. Find Novara on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. E-mail info@novaramedia.com. All previous shows are available at novaramedia.com. First broadcast 23 April 2021. [Repeated Monday 9am.]

2:00pm - 2:30pm

Hot Club du Monde

[Repeated from Thursday 7.30pm.] A Baedeker tour of international musical curiosities from the 78rpm era with Oliver Carter-Wakefield. This week: Hot jazz from 1920s Berlin, a test recording of a tune that defined an era, one of interwar Mexico’s most-popular Mariachi bands, the Boswell Sisters backed by the Dorsey brothers and Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys in their underwear.

2:30pm - 3:30pm


A programme of multiple agendas presented by William English. This week: Seddon Tapes D88 and D85. Captain Maurice Seddon (Royal Signals, retired, deceased) discusses Grundig tape recorder repairs with Mr Moore who is "not happy" with his machine. Maurice refuses to take a cheque for £400 and insists that Mr Moore goes to a bank for cash, something which Mr Moore is reluctant to do. Followed by a conversation with Mr Totney in which Maurice advises him to renovate his Grundig tape recorder. First broadcast 17 May 2019. [Repeats Monday 5am.]

3:30pm - 4:00pm

Records Comic, Curious And Cracked

[Repeated from Tuesday 5.30pm.] An eco-neutral trawl through the unusual records acquired by various means, including even purchase, during an otherwise mostly virtuous lifetime by Jack Thorington.

4:00pm - 5:00pm

The Curtain Up ShowHighlight

Tim McArthur, Nathan Matthews and guests discuss London's vibrant theatre scene. Today's guest: Craig Gallivan chats about playing Olaf in 'Frozen' at the newly-refurbished Theatre Royal Drury Lane. Visit thecurtainupshow.com for more information. In association with TodayTix. [Repeats Sunday 9am.]

5:00pm - 5:30pm

Southwark COVID - A Housing Response

Up-to-date information for Southwark residents regarding Covid-19. Produced by Southwark Group of Tenant Organisations (SGTO) with and on behalf of the Southwark Tenants Movement. Get involved and get in touch at info@sgto.co.uk or telephone 0207 639 6718. [Repeats Monday 11.30am.]

5:30pm - 7:00pm

The Sound Projector Radio Show

A showcase for records of contemporary experimental and underground music, hosted by Ed Pinsent. This week: first show this season and the latest in our informal Progressive Rock series. Tonight's selection has an international flavour with album tracks from Van Der Graaf Generator, P.F.M., Magma, Argent, Museo Rosenbach, Natural Acoustic Band, Cosmos Factory, Yes, The Flock, Esperanto, Noir, Renaissance, and King Crimson. Visit thesoundprojector.com/radio-show/ for more information. [Repeats Wednesday 1am.]

7:00pm - 8:00pm

Shoot The Breeze

A talk show dedicated to films and television shows, presented by Marcus Ako, Laura Sampson and David Campbell. Visit STB's Facebook page for more information. Tweet to @STB_ResonanceFM. Instagram @ShootTheBreezeShow. [Repeats Wednesday 6am.]

8:00pm - 9:00pm

Clear SpotHighlight

"Over Lunan." Things are not always as they seem, as the documentary-maker Charlie Ross explores thousands of years of history and mythology, and the natural forces that have shaped the stunning coast at Lunan Bay, Angus, Scotland. This new radio piece is produced by Steve Urquhart and directed by Purni Morell, with music and sound design by Andrew Knight-Hill. "Over Lunan" is an Aproxima Arts production. It can also be heard on demand at https://www.aproxima.co.uk/over-lunan. From 9 to 19 September 2021 a live performance in the dunes at Lunan Bay complements Charlie's radio work and commemorates his discoveries. [Repeats Monday 10am.]

9:00pm - 10:00pm

Balling the Jack

Joe Cushley explores 13 Bar Blues and Twisted Roots music from around the globe. This week: the first part of a celebration marking the 60th anniversary of the release of The King Of The Delta Blues Singers, the first compilation of Robert Johnson’s recordings. It includes songs by Johnson’s peers and influences - Willie Brown, Howlin’ Wolf and Son House. Then explores how Robert influenced a swathe of artists at one remove from his first acolytes, and indeed outside the traditional boundaries of the genre - performers such as Adia Victoria Gil Scott Heron, Malia, Blues Goblins, Charlie Parr and Gary Lucas. For more information visit Balling The Jack on Facebook. E-mail ballingthejack1@gmail.com. [Repeats Wednesday 8am.]

10:00pm - 11:30pm

Bad Punk

Hosted by Johny Brown and Inga Tillere of Band Of Holy Joy. This week: Charge. For more information visit badpunkradio.tumblr.com, contact badpunkradio@gmail.com. [Repeats Tuesday 1am.]

11:30pm - 12:30am


Modulisme (which translates as Modularism) is a programme devoted to out of leftfield modular synthesis. This week: Early ElectroMIX is our new series hoping to transmit and share pioneering works which are aging well, and some early electronic experiments that should be remembered because they paved the way to what we try to create today. For more information visit modulisme.info/sessions. [Repeats Thursday 6am.]