12:00am - 1:00am

Diary Of A Squat

[Repeated from Friday 9pm.] Diary of a Squat by Jean Delarue (1989). An audiobook read by Dorothy Spencer and Carl Cattermole. This week: authoritarians wrestle for control but the squatters choose “freedom and equality rather than three cooked meals and a TV”. 2/5. For free download, photos and more information visit prisonism.co.uk/#diary.

1:00am - 2:30am

Adventures in Sound and Music

[Repeated from Thursday 9pm.] New music with The Wire magazine. Visit thewire.co.uk for more information. Contact theconduit@thewire.co.uk.

2:30am - 3:30am

The Rob Simone Talk Show

[Repeated from Wednesday 9am.] Interviews with a wide range of alternative thinkers by the Los Angeles-based investigator of anomalous phenomena. This week Rob discusses the growing number of people suffering stress and anxiety and the new treatments they've found. Visit robsimone.com/ for more information.

3:30am - 4:30am

Sleeping Dogs Lie

Ambient music selected by Miguel Santos to help night owls relax. [Repeated Monday 1am.]

4:30am - 5:00am

Kitchen Magic Time

[Repeated from Tuesday 10.30pm.] Recipes in sound from Mama Dolores, Mistress of the Deep Soul Kitchen.

5:00am - 6:00am

Make Your Own Damn Music

[Repeated from Tuesday 9pm.] Artworld shenanigans with Bob and Roberta Smith OBE. Tonight's show is concerned with the preservation of our locally held National Art Collections. Many people are concerned that galleries will close threatening the stewardship of Art because of a funding crisis caused by Covid-19. Fergal Voorsanger reads The Constitution of the Arts, which calls for legislation to protect collections. Plus, Bob and Roberta Smith reads from You Are An Artist, and we hear a version of The Searchers 'Some Other Guy' recorded in 1979 with Bob on drums and the late David Halpern on guitar and vocals. In another vintage recording, Jessica Voorsanger and Peter Zusi contemplate the nature of vegetables.

6:00am - 9:00am

Goldsmiths Radio End Of Year Showcase

[Repeated from Friday 12pm.] A marathon End of Year Showcase of sixteen new works for radio realised by BA and MA Radio students at Goldsmiths, University of London's Department of Media, Communications and Cultural Studies. Presented by Steven Toner and Phoebe McIndoe. Warning : some listeners may find some content and themes upsetting and disturbing. The showcase comprises: Reading Between The Lines by Martha James (featuring poet Conor Burn); Echo Chamber by Phoebe Izzard Davey (drama); Hypo-realism – A Hypoglycaemic Investigation by Steven Toner (soundscape exploring the journey of a diabetic suffering a low blood sugar episode); Upside Down Rainbows by Bethany Broomfield-Jones (docu-drama focusing around lockdown); Hearing The Light by Michela Mancini (the story of blind violinist Abbey Baker); Black Lives Matter: The UK Is Not Innocent by Carrie Morrison (includes content listeners may find upsetting); Nothing Is Forever by Emily Naylor (an exploration of the impact of dementia on one man’s life, told from the perspective of his wife, son, and granddaughter); The Disappearing People by Hailey Choi (Rahima Mahmut tells the story of the Uyghurs, persecuted, oppressed and interned by the Chinese government); The Rambling Mind by Phoebe McIndoe (a journey from Dartmoor to Exmoor which explores break-ups and the wild plains of love); The Elements Of Love by Zoë MacLeod (a collection of poems illustrating different kinds of love); Apocalyptic Milton by Lee Wilkinson (comedy: Milton Keynes is under attack!); I Had A Dream by Michela Mancini (an exploration of two distinct but analogous archives of dreams - one from the Covid-19 Pandemic, the other from Nazi Germany); It’s Alright by Phoebe McIndoe (a violent snapshot of family life: contains scenes listeners may find disturbing); Death and The Digital by Ilona Toller (How do we feel when we encounter our lost loved ones in the digital traces they leave behind?); Talk About It by Yan Li (many Chinese people think that discussing death will bring bad luck. But talking about it, is our adventure); and finally, Varenaphilia (Or How I Tried To Learn To Stop Worrying And Cut My Beard) by Steven Toner (who attempts to explore the importance of recording our loved ones whilst we still have the chance, at the same time as dealing with the pain of loss).

9:00am - 9:30am

True Currency

[Repeated from Wednesday 9.30pm.] Artists Ruth Beale and Amy Feneck (The Alternative School of Economics) host True Currency: About Feminist Economics. They speak to academic researchers, policy experts, community leaders and activists, to explore financial inequality, feminism, intersectionality, labour exploitation, unpaid work, care, unionisation and reproductive labour. This week: Worker Struggles, Part 1 - When Migrant Women Rise, We All Rise. We consider the different forms of waged work carried out by women and look at the multiple layers of discrimination and exploitation affecting women in ‘feminised’ industries. 2/6. Produced by Lucia Scazzocchio from Social Broadcasts, commissioned by Gasworks.

9:30am - 10:00am

New Works For Radio

[Repeated from Wednesday 10pm.]

10:00am - 11:00am

Vent Documentaries Identity

[Repeated from Tuesday 6.30pm.] This month Resonance FM shares series 1 of VENT Documentaries: a collaboration between VICE and Brent 2020, London Borough of Culture. In each episode a young person from Brent makes a documentary about a story they care about. Series 1 is all based on the theme of Identity. This week: Khalid (15) sets out to show everyone why he loves Drill music in 'When Life Gives You Pain, Make Champagne'. And Lily (16) explores the stuff she thinks is missing from the curriculum in 'School's Out, What Now'. To hear the rest of the series, subscribe to VENT Documentaries wherever you listen to podcasts.

11:00am - 12:00pm

Henry Scott-Irvine Presents

[Repeated from Tuesday 4pm.] A weekly show in which filmmaker Henry Scott-Irvine looks at music, art and independent cinema. This week's guest is Skiffle musician Chas McDevitt, now 85. In1956 McDevitt took Skiffle to a US Billboard #5 with Freight Train as sung by Nancy Whiskey. The 1960s folk scene - Paul Simon, Donova, Dylan - embraced him, he toured with The Beatles and Billy Bragg curated McDevitt's Skiffler showcases. First broadcast 7 January 2016.

12:00pm - 1:30pm

Arty Facts New Music Review ShowHighlight

Master J with a showcase of songs from all over the world. This week: Master J is joined by West End musical actor Karen Holmes and playwright/comedian Becky Fury. They review and give marks out of ten to new songs they’ve never heard before – and then from memory attempt to perform the ‘winning’ song live. The show will freely span through any and all genres of music. There will be laughs, and in all likelihood a somewhat chaotic end. To get an original song of your own on the show, email Master J at theartyfacts@hotmail.com. [Repeated Friday 1.30am.]

1:30pm - 2:00pm

East London With Charles Saumarez Smith

Former Director of the Royal Academy and enthusiastic East London resident Charles Saumurez Smith joins friends and fellow east Londoners in a series of wide ranging discussions on the past present and future of Spitalfields, Bow, Limehouse and The Isle of Dogs. Nick Wates; urban historian Professor Michael Hebbert and Cynthia Grant who worked for the Docklands Development Corporation from 1985 to 1998. First broadcast May 2017. [Repeats Monday 6.30pm.]

2:00pm - 3:00pm

Calling All Pensioners

[Repeated from Monday 1pm.] Magazine programme with Tim Hamilton, addressing issues which affect pensioners across London. This week: Bridgit Sam-Bailey, Chair of Lewisham Pensioners Forum, reacts to pensioners being stripped of their over 75s’ TV licence and yet they make a sizeable contribution each year to the economy. And Bridgit calls on all of us representing pensioners to take the government to task over their broken promises. First broadcast 23 September 2019. Produced by Deptford Action Group for the Elderly

3:00pm - 4:00pm

Musicians NotedHighlight

Musicians talk via Zoom about the high and low notes of being music makers in today’s world - brought to you by A World in London in conjunction with Dhruv Arts’ Talk Desk. Today's participants: composer violinist Dr. Jyotsna Srikanth (India), Par Moberg (Swedish Academy of Music), Bharatanatyam dancer Bhagya Lakshmi Thyagarajan (UK/India), Kay Charlton (Bollywood Brass Band UK), pianist/composer Rekesh Chauhan, and moderator DJ Ritu (AWIL – UK). [Repeats Tuesday 1pm.]

4:00pm - 4:30pm

Homes Of Tomorrow

A four part sonic exploration by James Torrance of Modernist architect Ernö Goldfinger’s utopian drive to build for a better world. Featuring architects, historians, artists, and residents of his social housing schemes, the series examines themes of landscape, community, architectural legacy and the modern home. First broadcast September 2013. [Repeats Wednesday 1.30pm.]

4:30pm - 5:00pm

Foot And Mouth

A psychogeophonic survey of the borough of Hackney by Nick Hamilton, inspired by and featuring Iain Sinclair. First broadcast March 2009. [Repeats Wednesday 7.30pm.]

5:00pm - 6:00pm

How To Write A Song

[Repeated from Wednesday 12 noon.] New series! James Hodder continues his quest to discover how to write a song. This week: No Rhyme or Reason. 2/5.

6:00pm - 7:00pm

2020 Visions

First broadcast August 2010 and repeated now to see how it stands up. This week: the world of work, looking at wages, job creation and the future of employment in the UK. Contributors include former Mayor of London, Labour's Ken Livingstone; founder of the journal Soundings Professor Doreen Massey; the right-of-centre think-tanks Policy Exchange and the Centre for Social Justice; Deborah Littman from Unison; Head of the Living Wage campaign at London Citizens, Rhys Moore; Resonance FM's own anarchist agitator Ian Bone; and hedgefund director Stuart MacDonald. 3 of 6. [Repeats Wednesday 4pm.]

7:00pm - 11:00pm

Radia ReduxHighlight

A nine part retrospective of the first five seasons of the Radia network’s epochal (and on-going) radio art series. Assembled by Lee Stapleford. Tonight: Season 3, part 1, comprising Show 021: Rabbit Hole Variations by Ergo Phizmiz - a fantasia on Lewis Carroll and What-Not; Show 022: Sound and Noise Textures plus Minimalistic Percussion Interventions from Radio Cult; Show 024: Brouillage, based on texts written by the French poet Armand Robin; and Show 025: Out Level by Luis Antero and his project Out Level. [Repeats Wednesday 1.30am.]

11:00pm - 12:00am

Clear Spot

A selection of this year's Clear Spots: something different each day throughout August. Tonight, from 16 March 2020: Portes Dérobées. Founded in 2007, Belgian label Ante-Rasa Records is a space for independent expression highlighting the obscure, raw, dense, percussive and hypnotic. Ante-Rasa co-founder Rednox roams through recent influences and offers us a glimpse of forthcoming material.

12:00am - 1:00am

Flowers In The Dustbin

[Repeated from Saturday 11pm.] A shamelessly retro journey through punk and reggae, Johnny Seven ransacks his dustbin to retrieve the incendiary recordings that inspired a generation of outcasts and ne'er-do-wells. This week: Episode 3. Email pulltheplugseven@gmail.com. Visit facebook.com/pulltheplugresonancefm.