RAFT: a fragile display


an exhibition by Resonance FM's Chiara Ambrosio

Join filmmaker, artist and Resonance broadcaster Chiara Ambrosio for a month-long séance, conjuring images, dreams, nightmares and fairy tales reaped and sowed in the city of London. RAFT: A FRAGILE DISPLAY is at The Horse Hospital, Bloomsbury, from 10 June to 8 July 2022. Part exhibition, part shrine, part alchemical laboratory, The Horse Hospital will be transformed into a raft, its walls covered in paper over which Chiara will evoke the spirit of the city with humble mediums to create a fragile display, a constellation, a monument, a temporary site-specific configuration of people, objects, practices, ideas, histories, dreams and visions. An artist’s studio, a living archive, and an aerial - receiving and broadcasting at once - RAFT will constitute a temporary autonomous zone of convergence and exchange, a crossroads where people and ideas will meet in a constant state of emergency.

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