It's Our Annual Fundraiser


And we urgently need YOUR help!

To run two non-profit, ad-free, 24/7 independent radio stations costs money! Our work is proudly volunteer-led and as the audio industry's Network of the Year for two years running we can boast the best broadcasters in the country. Ours is the voice of authenticity, of community, and of real innovation.
To achieve a professional service, we are reliant on technology - FM and DAB broadcast equipment is not cheap - and to offer our amazingly wide range of content we have to have a wide range of licences. Rent, as anyone living in London will know, is extremely expensive. And overheads have shot through the roof.
But we offer our service gratis to our listeners and for over 22 years have managed to avoid taking advertisements.
Once a year we ask our listeners to dig deep and help us survive. We're all in the same boat for sure, but this year Resonance urgently needs help to stay afloat and on its unique mission. Please make a donation during our Annual Fundraiser - now! Many thanks for your help.

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