DJ BPM presents Ivor Warton Woods Beethhoven Beat Up Remix Project


Release date Friday 2 April 2021

DJ BPM, host of Resonance FM's weekly Grime For The Unconverted, presents a compilation of grand piano pieces remixed by contemporary producers from the grime scene and experimental soundscape artists. This is the first release on her new label Feral Dubs.
The seeds of this project were planted six years ago underneath Arch 16 in Ramsgate Harbour, where hidden beneath a dragon hoard of antiques, eccentric paraphernalia and unlikely treasures, lies a grand piano on which passers-by and customers are treated to impromptu performances by Ivor Warton Woods. On one such a day, DJ BPM listened while Ivor played a boisterous, exuberant, unpredictable cauldron of improvised jazz, classical, and experimental sounds. Later she asked if Ivor would be interested in recording some piano pieces at 140bpm for the purpose of a collaborative project with grime producers. Six years on with the support of Martin Holdcroft (who recorded the piano pieces), the project is now bearing fruit: DJ BPM passed the recordings to grime and experimental electronic producers who have come up with a collection of uniquely inspired electronic musical art. The release features remixes by Bookz, JT The Goon, Owlybeats, Grindhouse, Blavvck Cowboys, Darx, Mojoe, Dr Steevo, Daztronik, and Tokamisura. Artwork by Future Curse. In recognition of the financial hardships that many creative people have suffered during lockdown all profits from the release will go to the producers.
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